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If you are getting bored of Photo Booth, this thing is perfect. Not only can you make vids and take pics, you can also show your desktop. Cam Twist has many options for efects. This includes, fire, bubbles, cube, comic, you can even add the apple logo on the side of the screen. There is much to be had when you download this. It runs and downloads well, hours of entertainment, free, and you can upload it as a video. I have not tried that yet, but I have to say playing around with the thing is fun. It is perfect for a fun free download 10/10


  • free, hours of fun, easy to use and download, many options, great to make videos, can film your screen, camera, movies, and great for a live video, better than photo booth. PERFECT NOT MANY CONS AT ALL. I LOVE THIS CAM TWIST THING!!!!!
  • it would be nice if it was a little more easier to make videos and pictures with this and sending vids and photos as emails would be a nice touch.

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16 Feb 2009

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