CamTwist 2.5

Add special effects to video chats

CamTwist for Mac is a free video app that allows you to spice up your chats with all sorts of original and special effects. View full description


  • Flickr slideshows
  • AppleScript support for tweaking
  • Live mixing in CamTwist Studio


  • Can be a little complex to set up

Very good

CamTwist for Mac is a free video app that allows you to spice up your chats with all sorts of original and special effects.

CamTwist is a little difficult to set up, but once installed it works with most video chat services, such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and uStream. You can also stream from the desktop, or Flickr, for example. CamTwist includes a Studio section, which will allow you to do a bit of live mixing, like adding overlays, switching cameras, or creating a live slideshow. The more technically gifted can also create your own special effects!

This, coupled with the more than 50 effects available by default, let you really get creative without having to dish out a single cent, simply because CamTwist is completely free! If you like tweaking around with your Mac, you'll also be glad to know that CamTwist offers AppleScript support, which opens the application up to all sorts of customization.

Despite being a little complicated at the get-go, CamTwist is a very good free tool to add fun effects to your video chats.


  • Fix for iTunes effect flicker problem
  • Quickly create show movies and images by dragging files into the effects list
  • Movie Source aspect ratio bug fixed
  • Follow Mouse mode for Desktop source
  • Full Screen name localization bug fixed
  • Fix for detecting the end of some movies
  • Fix for Telestrator in non 4:3 video
  • Dedicated window for Telestrat
  • Fix for new Weatherbug protoco
  • New Weatherbug icon features.
  • Remember Studio position and swap mode setting
  • Special handling for Safari in the exclusions list
  • Press esc to exit full screen mode (when on main display)
  • Resizable preview window (up to configured resolution)
  • IRC Effect UTF-8 support
  • Mirror image option for preview window and Studio monitors
  • Ability to hide movie video when movie isn't playing (for PIP)
  • Show album in iTunes effect
  • "Duplicate Button" context menu option
  • Movie source in and out points
  • Movie source muted in preview option
  • Time stops (some things won't animate) in Peview
  • iPhoto support in Slide Show
  • VNC client source
  • Twitter effects

CamTwist is a software package that lets you add special effects to your video chats. It's also possible to stream your desktop and still images.



CamTwist 2.5

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